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How to Obtain Vital Records from the Family History Library

Below are directions for obtaining vital records from the Family History Library. These same steps can also be used to obtain other types of documents, as long as you are able to locate the pertinent microfilm, microfiche or book in the Family History Library catalog, and can provide a page number, or some other identifier, that will allow the librarian to easily locate the record. The cost is $2 per document, with a $4 minimum. Multiple page documents, such as deeds and probate records, are charged by the page.

If you have any questions while performing the process given below you can call 800-346-6044, extension 2-3511, or email your questions to If you still can't get an answer to your question, ask to be put in contact with the Photoduplication Unit.

Step 1.   Get the Date & Certificate Number

The first thing you need to do is obtain the Date and the Certificate Number of the record. If you're trying to obtain Vital Records for New York City, you can find these by going to the German Genealogy Group web-site and performing a search of the available vital record indexes for New York City. Note, if the event occurred in late December of any given year, then that certificate might be grouped with certificates for the following year, and you should keep this in mind when performing this step and the following step.

Step 2.   Get the Film Number

Next you need the film number. To obtain the film number that contains a particular certificate go to the Family History Library Catalog and, depending on who held jurisdiction over the particular record, enter the name of the City, Town or State in the box and press "Search." You will then be brought to a page containing a list of the various types of records pertaining to that specific location—Select, "Vital Records." Now, using the year and certificate number, locate the film that contains the record you want to order. However, if you are looking for vital records for "New York City" See the links below:

Borough of the Bronx certificate and record of birth, 1898-1909
Bronx marriage certificates, 1897-1938
Bronx death certificates, 1898-1948

Brooklyn birth certificates, 1866-1909
Marriage certificates (Brooklyn, New York), 1866-1937
Brooklyn death certificates, 1898-1920
Brooklyn death certificates, 1919-1949

Manhattan birth certificates, 1866-1897; birth index cards, 1866-1897
State of New York certificate and record of birth (Borough of Manhattan) 1898-1909
Manhattan (New York City) marriage records, 1866-1937 ; index to all boroughs, 1866-1937
Manhattan death certificates, 1866-1919 ; index, 1868-1890
Death certificates (Manhattan, New York), 1919-1948

(Queens) Birth records, 1898-1909
(Queens) Marriage records, 1881-1937; indexes, 1881-1937
Queens (New York) death certificates, 1898-1949

State of New York (Richmond borough) certificate and record of birth, 1898-1909
Marriage records (Richmond County, New York), 1897-1932
Richmond County, New York death certificates, 1898-1949

If you are searching for a Death certificate, and your ancestor lived in one of the five Boroughs of New York City, and you still haven't been able to locate a film number, go HERE, and follow the link where it is written, "To view a digital version of this item click here." There you will find a PDF document that will provide you with all the film numbers available containing New York City Death Certificates. If you have used the previous mentioned source, you may now need to obtain the title of the film and for that you can Click Here, where you can perform a film/fiche search of the Family History Library Catalog.

Step 3.   Fill Out the Request Form

Having obtained a date (Year) of the birth, marriage or death, as well as a certificate number and a film number, you now need to fill out the request form, including payment information. Click Here for a copy of the request form. Now you have two choices—you can fill out this form (Side A and B) using your computer key board and then print the completed pages, or you can print both pages first and then fill them out using a pen or pencil. Alternatively, here you can download, or print out Side A and Side B of the form.

There are three sections on this form that need to be filled out. The first is where you enter your name, home address, email address, and phone number. The second is where you enter your credit card information. However, if you choose to pay by check or money order skip this section. The last part is where you enter the certificate number, date, film number, etc.

In the above section provide your Name, Address, Email Adress and Phone Number.

In the above section check the box that indicates your desired form of payment. If you choose to pay by Credit Card, provide the information requested, but if you choose to pay by Check or Money Order, skip that part. Each request for a document cost $2. with a $4. minimum payment... so you may as well request two documents.

In the above section provide the information that will allow the librarian to find the document that you want copied. If you find that you can't fit the required information into the box provided, use the line below for additional space, but if you're ordering multiple documents make sure you separate each request with a blank line. For a larger image of this section Click Here.

Step 4.   Send Request Form

The final step is to send both parts of the request form, along with a check or money order if that is your chosen form of payment, addressed to:

Photoduplication Unit
Family and Church History Department
50 E. North Temple St. Room 599
salt Lake City, UT 84150-3400

If you choose to, you can fax this request form rather than sending it by mail—The Fax Number is:


According to the form it will take 4 to 6 weeks to process your request. If you have any questions you can call 800-346-6044, extension 2-3511, or email your questions to