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Maps for The Book of Sharp

[m1] Map of New Jersey in the American Revolution.

[m2] Map of Middlesex County, New Jersey during the American Revolution and the reverse side for some history.

[m3] 1850 Map Middlesex County, New Jersey.

[m4] 1954 Map Middlesex County, New Jersey.

[m5] 1876 Map East Brunswick, Middlesex Co., New Jersey.

[m6] 1968 Map Monroe Township, Middlesex Co., New Jersey

[m7] 1876 Map South Amboy & Old Bridge, Middlesex Co., New Jersey

[m8] 19th Century Map Village of Spotswood, Middlesex Co. [Geo Sharp on Bordentown & So. Amboy Turnpike]

[m9] Present day Map showing Germantown Pike, Marble Hall, and Barren Hill and the locaton of the Sharp/Kittler property.

[m10] Modern day map of Whitemarsh Township.