The Book of Sharp

...a work in progress.

Being the Descendants of Philip Sharp & Eve Kettler
Whitemarsh, PA and other places.
Compilation of Sharp information by J.A.R.M., James Alvin Jolly, Thomas W. Culver, and others who came before us.
updated 2010 by JARM

Dedicated to the Memory of Robert Emmet Maxwell... Though Our blood has flowed from many nations, we are Irish at Heart!

Directory of Individuals


1st unknown Sharp 

2nd Philip Sharp   c1701-1777

Children of Philip Sharp & Eve Kettler of Whitemarsh

3rd Andrew Sharp   c1730-1772

3rd John Sharp   c1732-

3rd Adam Sharp   c1733-181_(?)

Children of Adam Sharp

4th daughter Sharp 

Children of daughter Sharp & ________ Martin

5th Adam Martin

5th Hester Martin

4th Margaret Sharp 

Children of Margaret Sharp & John Earhart

4th Elizabeth Sharp  c1762-

Children of Elizabeth Sharp & Charles Dewees

5th Rachel Dewees  c1789-

5th Hester Dewees  c1791-

5th Elizabeth Dewees  c1793-1826

5th Sarah Dewees  c1795-1829

5th Charles Dewees  c1797-1867

5th Henry Dewees  c1799-1876

5th Adam Dewees  c1802-1822

5th Isaiah Dewees  c1804-1878

5th Levi Dewees  c1806-1885

5th Rebecca Dewees  c1809-

4th John Sharp  c1764-1827

Children of John Sharp & Magdalena Shaffer

5th Catherine Sharp  1797-1860

Children of Catherine Sharp and John D. Crawbuck

6th Peter A. Crawbuck   1822-1882

6th Marva Crawbuck   1825-1825

6th William S. Crawbuck   1827-1872

6th Theodore W. Crawbuck   1832-1905

5th Margaret Sharp  c1800-

5th Elizabeth Jane Sharp 

5th John A. Sharp 

5th Robert Philip Sharp  1812-

Children of Robert Sharp & Anna

6th John B. Sharp  

6th Jane Elizabeth Sharp 

6th Robert Philip Sharp Jr. 

6th Charles A. Sharp 

4th George Sharp  c1767-1851

Children of George Sharp & Mercy Culver

5th Phoebe Sharp  1796-1880

Children of Phebe Sharp & William Jolly

6th Ann Elizabeth Jolly   1821-1823

6th John Disborough Jolly   1824-1902

6th Mary Ellen Jolly  

4th Jane Sharp  c1769-1841

Children of Jane Sharp and Nathaniel Culver

5th Samuel Culver    c1793-

5th William Culver   

5th Margaret Culver   

5th Mary Culver   

5th Esther Culver   

4th Philip Sharp  c1772-1805

Children of Philip Sharp

5th Gordon Sharp 

5th Philip Sharp 

3rd Philip Sharp  

3rd Margaret Sharp  

3rd Mary Magdaline Sharp   1740-1831

Children of Mary Sharp and Benjamin Knous

4th Margaret Knous  

Children of Margaret Knous and William Sirls

4th Ann Margaret Knous   1766-

4th Jacob Knous   1768-

4th William Knous   1770-

4th Andrew Knous  

4th Mary Knous  

4th Elizabeth Knous  

4th John Knous  

3rd Elizabeth Sharp   c1744-

Children of Elizabeth Sharp and Adam Clackner

4th unknown Clackner  

4th unknown Clackner  


Sources and Additional Reference Material

Appendix I: Friends, Neighbors & Associates  

Appendix II: Maps & Gazzeteers  

Appendix III: Sources Needed to be Checked  

Appendix IV: Reference Sources  for The Book of Sharp

Appendix V: Sharp Documents