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Name Variants for Laboyteaux

[v0] Other possible spellings: Le Boistel, Le Boitas.

[v1] Paul Le Boiteux   c1627-1679—le Bouteux, Paule

[v2] Elizabeth LeRoyer   c1627-     —

[v3] Pierre Le Boiteux   c1650-     —le Boiteux, Peter

[v4] Paul Le Boiteux   c1650-     —le Boiteux, Paule

[v5] Gabriel LeBoyteulx   c1652-     —Boytool, De Boyteulx La Boyteaux, Le Beauteaux, Le Boisteulx, Le Boiteux, LeBoiteux, Le Bouten, le Bouteux, le Boyteul, Le Boyteulx, le Boyteulz, Le Boyteux.

[v6] Marquise Fleuriau   c1664-1693—Marquize

[v7] Agnes Constance Lebrun   c1671-     —"Agnietje Bettiew", "Angenietie Bottue"

[v8] Marie LeBoyteulx   1690-1713—

[v9] Louis Rou   c1684-1750—

[v10] Elizabeth LeBoyteulx   1691-     —Lisebet; Beten, le Boiteux

[v11] John Hastier, AKA "John Allee"   1691-1771—Jean; Alie, Hatier

[v12] Marquise LeBoyteulx   1693-     —Marquise, Merkeise

[v13] Daniel Bontecou   1681-1773—Bontecue, Bontekoe, Bondecoux, Bonticow, Bontecoe, Bonticout, Bontecoux, Bontecour

[v14] Suzanne LeBoyteulx   1696-     —Susanna; Bettue

[v15] Jeanne LeBoyteulx   1698-     —

[v16] Paul LeBoyteulx   1699-     —Paulus; Boyteux, Le Boyton, Le Boytou, Lebayteux, Liboiteux

[v17] Elizabeth Smock   c1705-     —

[v18] Elizabeth Henry   c1708-     —

[v19] Elizabeth Laboyteaux   c1732-     —

[v20] Peter Laboyteaux   c1737-1813—

[v21] Kezia Sebring   c1737-     —

[v22] Maria Laboyteaux   c1758-     —

[v23] William Van Dyke       —

[v24] Phebe Laboyteaux   c1765-     —

[v25] Abiah Laboyteaux   c1771-1850—

[v26] Dorothy Laboyteaux   c1772-     —

[v27] John Peter Laboyteaux   c1774-1842     —

[v28] Peter LeBoyteulx   c1703-     —Piter, Pieter; Bettieu, Betu, Leboyteux, Puetue, Petue

[v29] Jemima Bries(?)   c1706-     —Jemyme, Jemymy, Jemyma

[v30] Gabriel Laboyteaux   c1728-1792—

[v31] Jemima Rundels       —

[v32] Jemima Laboyteaux   1763-1854—

[v33] Joshua Davis  

[v34] John Laboyteaux   c1765-1853—

[v35] Phebe Davis

[v36] Peter Laboyteaux   c1730-     —

[v37] Sarah Potts  

[v38] Jemima Laboyteaux   1760-     —

[v39] Peter Wimmer  

[v40] Elizabeth Laboyteaux   1765-     —

[v41] Andrew Brown  

[v42] William Carver  

[v43] William Laboyteaux   1767-     —

[v44] Eva Van Cleeve  

[v45] Jacob Laboyteaux   1768-1838—

[v46] Ann Ammerman  

[v47] Benjamin Laboyteaux   1770-     —

[v48] Angenitije Laboyteaux   1771-     —

[v49] Gabriel Laboyteaux   1773-     —

[v50] Joseph Laboyteaux   c1730-1826—Betu, L'Bateaux, Labateaux, Labatoux, Labatoix, Labatux, Laboytaux, Laboyteux, Liberteaux, Jos., Josh., Josup

[v51] Catherine Sickles   1770-1830—

[v52] Cornelius Jewell   c1765-1837—Jewel, Juel, Juhel; Corns, Cornelis

[v53] Sarah Laboyteaux   c1772-

[v54] Paul Laboyteaux   c1733-

[v55] Elizabeth Daily  

[v56] Jemima Laboyteaux   c1766-

[v57] John Van Nordstrand  

[v58] Mary Laboyteaux   1769-

[v59] Elizabeth Laboyteaux   1772-

[v60] Marie Laboyteaux   1735-

[v61] John Laboyteaux   c1737-1780—Laboyteu, Labateaux, Laboytaux, Laboyteau, Labayteaux, Laboytaux

[v62] John Laboyteaux   1764-1794—

[v613] Samuel Smith Laboyteaux   1766-????—

[v64] Peter Laboyteaux   1767-

[v65] Gabriel Laboyteaux   1768-

[v66] Gabriel Laboyteaux   1770-

[v67] Daniel Laboyteaux   1772-

[v68] Hannah Laboyteaux   1773-

[v69] George W. Laboyteaux   c1775-

[v70] William Laboyteaux   c1777-

[v71] John Laboyteaux   c1779-

[v72] George Laboyteaux   c1779-

[v73] Jantien LeBoyteulx   1704-    —Jantien is a female name and it seem likely that it's a variant of the name Jeanne or Jane. In the early baptismal records of Raritan DRC of Raritan there were several persons with this rare name—perhaps it was one minister that used this one variant to represent a more common name such as Jeanne or Jane. With a closer study of those named "Jantien" in the Raritan DRC register, and uncovering what name these people used in later years, we might be able to find the more common variations of the name Jantien.

Regarding those with the name "Jantien" in the baptismal register of the Raritan DRC, there were the following enties:
1701. June 11. Van Vechten, Michiel and wife--Jantien. Witnesses: Piter De Mondt and wife. [ Publshed genealogies give the name of this child, as well as her mother, as Jannetje—Jannetje married Jacobus Hegeman. 
[105] ]
1702. Oct. 27. Van Neste, Joris and wife--Jantien. Witnesses: Hendrick Reyniersen and wife.
1704. Aug. 1. Beten, Gabriel de and Constans--Jantien, b. June 17. Witnesses: Jantien Cure.
1705. Aug. 28. Middage, Derck and Kataleyn--Theunis. Witnesses: Reydt Koorse, Jantien Van Neste.
1705. Nov. 14. Lafeber, Piter and wife--Jantien. Witnesses: Hans Koverden, Katryna Broeckaw.
1706. Apr. 3. Teunissen, Cornelis and Neeltien--Sara. Witnesses: Michiel and Jantien Van Vechten.
1707. Apr. 30. Bodyn, Isack and wife--Jantien. Witnesses: Joris Haall and wife.
1713. Oct. 27. Van Vechten, Abraham and wife--Jantien. Witnesses: Michiel Van Vechten and wife.
1715. May 18. Broka, Jan and wife--Isaack. Witnesses: Piter Broka; Jantien Koevers.
1715. May 18. Bouman, Thomas and wife--Neeltien. Witnesses: Merten Vandevort; Jantien Slecht.
[ Note: there are no further entry with the name "Jantien" so it's likely that the minister that used this name variant stopped serving this church soon after 1715]

Cliff Lamere's website of Dutch Names and their pronunciations gives the following... "I got my start on Dutch pronunciation with the name Jannetje. Over a period of time, I asked four people born in The Netherlands to pronounce it for me. They all agreed that it was pronounced YAHN-eh-chuh. Clues given in the previous paragraphs should have prepared you for this, except for the location of the emphasis. (Jannetje is translated as Jane.)"

Cliff responded to an email querry on the name "Jantien" as follws:
"I have a book of 3981 Dutch names and variations with the English equivalent of each. They were amassed from examing Dutch records, mainly in the Hudson and Mohawk River valleys of NY. Jantien is not a variation that is listed. I would pronounce it YON-chen. As I first looked at the name, I took it to be a diminuative or variation of Jan (John) because the -n ending makes me think of a male name rather than female. For example, Jannetan and eight other spellings mean Jonathan. However, I found the following 1706 record.

Teunissen, Cornelis and Neeltien--Sara. Witnesses: Michiel and Jantien Van Vechten

Jantien certainly appears to be his wife. Unfortunately, no father or mother has that name. As a female name beginning with Jan-, it would almost have to be the equivalent of Janet. There is one exception, Janneken, which means Joanna. Jantje means Janet, so Jantien could certainly be a variation of that, although of about 20 variations that mean Janet, none ended in an 'n'. Nevertheless, after looking at the Raritan church records I'd have to say Janet is the best translation, and that it is a variation of Jannetje, the spelling I prefer out of all those that mean Janet."

[v74] Benjamin LeBoyteulx   c1709-

[v75] Catherine LeBoyteulx   c1712-    —Bodin, Bottue, Labytne, Labytue, Le boy Teaub, ; Catharine, Katrina, Catrena

[v76] John Bodine   c1712-174?—Jan, Jean; Bodin, Bodyn

[v77] Marie LeBoyteulx   c1715-    —

[v78] Job Briggs   c1712-    —Feber, Fobes, Jobes, Jobs

[v79] Mary FitzRandolph   c1738-    —