Part II:

Laboyteaux' Born in Colonial New York or New Jersey

The Book of Laboyteaux

...a work in progress.
Being the Ancestors and Descendants of Gabriel LeBoyteulx
La Rochelle, France—New York City—Piscataway, New Jersey

updated 2009

Dedicated to the Memory of Robert Emmet Maxwell... Though Our blood has flowed from many nations, we are Irish at Heart!
We owe much gratitude in particular to
James J. de Waal Malefyt—Harry O. Laboyteaux—Audrey Hancock
Arlene Wimmer Hill—J. D. Maxwell—Elizabeth (Beth) Zaring
Buzz Carmichael—Isaac N. LaBoiteaux—Vaughn Wilkinson
Charles Louis La Boiteaux—Sarah Lippitt-Houston—John C. La Boyteaux III
Andrew H. Newman—Marilyn R. Harlow—Margaret Peterson
Don C. LaBerteaux—Ted Mills—Thomas D. Hamm—Effie Hannon
Boyd Powell—Kay LaBoyteaux Hollan—Joyce Davis Jones
Barbara Laboyteaux—Laurane Nash—Anita Labertew
Anna Haughey Callahan—Mary Jane Septon—Consuelo Furman,
and many others not named.

Contents: with a Directory of Individuals

Descendants of Paul le Boiteux & Elizabeth LeRoyer

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1st unknown le Boiteux  c1595-

Children of unknown le Boiteux

2nd Paul le Boiteux  c1627-

Children of Paul le Boiteux & Elizabeth LeRoyer

3rd Paul le Boiteux   c1650-

3rd Pierre le Boituex   c1650-

3rd Gabriel LeBoyteulx   1652-

Children of Gabriel LeBoyteulx & Marquise Fleuriau

4th Marie LeBoyteulx  1690-1713

Children of Maria LeBoyteulx & Louis Rou

5th Louis Rou Jr.  1713-1713

4th Elizabeth LeBoyteulx  1691-

Children of Elizabeth LeBoyteulx & John Hastier

5th John Hastier Jr.  1721

5th Marie Hastier   1723-

5th Marie Hastier   1723-

5th Elizabeth Hastier   1724-

5th Margaret Hastier   1726-

5th Catherine Hastier   c1729-

4th Marquise LeBoyteulx  1693-

Children of Marquise LeBoyteulx & Daniel Bontecou

5th no known children

Children of Gabriel LeBoyteulx & Agnes Constance Lebrun

4th Suzanne LeBoyteulx  1696-

4th Jeanne LeBoyteulx  1698-

4th Paul LeBoyteulx  c1699-

Children of Paul Laboyteaux & Elizabeth Smock

5th Peter Laboyteaux  c1737-1813

Children of Peter Laboyteaux & Keziah Sebring

6th Maria Laboyteaux  c1758-

Children of Maria Laboyteaux & William Van Dyke

7th Dominicus Van Dyke   1782-

7th John Van Dyke   1797-

7th Henry Van Dyke   1800-

7th Jane Wilson Van Dyke   1802-

7th Joseph Van Dyke   1804-

6th Phebe Laboyteaux  c1765-

6th Abiah Laboyteaux  c1771-1850

Children of Abiah Laboyteaux & Reuben Stout

7th Elisha Stout   1789-

7th John Hyde Stout   1791-

6th Dorothy Laboyteaux  c1772-

Children of Dorothy Laboyteaux & Peter Smith

7th unknown Smith  

6th John Peter Laboyteaux  1774-1842

6th Jemima Laboyteaux   1777-1858

Children of Jemima Laboyteaux & John Runyon

7th unknown Runyon  

6th Joseph Laboyteaux   c1780-

Children of Joseph Laboyteaux & Hannah

7th William Laboyteaux   c1807-

6th Peter Laboyteaux   c1785

Children of Peter Laboyteaux

7th unknown Laboyteaux  

6th Catherine Laboyteaux   1792-1855

Children of Catherine Laboyteaux & Noah Runyon

7th unknown Runyon  

4th Peter LeBoyteulx  c1703-

Children of Peter Laboyteaux & Jemima Bries

5th Gabriel Laboyteaux  c1728-

Children of Gabriel Laboyteaux & Jemima Rundels

6th Jemima Laboyteaux  1763-1854

7th Children of Jemima Laboyteaux & Josuah Davis

7th unknown Davis  

7th John Laboyteaux  c1765-1853

7th Children of John Laboyteaux & Phebe Davis

7th John Laboyteaux  

7th Peter Laboyteaux  

5th Peter Laboyteaux  c1730-

Children of Peter Laboyteaux & Sarah Potts

6th Jemima Laboyteaux  c1760-

Children of Jemima Laboyteaux & Peter Wimmer

7th Peter Wimmer   1782-1864

6th Elizabeth Laboyteaux  c1765-

Children of Elizabeth Laboyteaux & Andrew Brown

7th unknown Brown 

Children of Elizabeth Laboyteaux & William Carver

7th unknown Carver 

6th William Laboyteaux  c1767-

Children of William Laboyteaux & Eva Van Cleve

7th Catherine Laboyteaux   c1794-

6th Jacob Laboyteaux  1769-1838

Children of Jacob Laboyteaux & Ann Ammerman

7th Peter Laboyteaux   1790-1870

6th Benjamin Laboyteaux  1770-

6th Angenitije Laboyteaux  c1771-

6th Gabriel Laboyteaux  c1773-

5th Joseph Laboyteaux  c1731-

Children of Joseph Laboyteaux & Catherine Sickles

6th Catherine Laboyteaux  1770-1830

Children of Catherine Laboyteaux & Cornelius Jewell

7th Feymie Jewell  c1790-

7th Jane Jewell  c1793-

7th Josph Jewell  c1795-

7th Mary Jewell  c1806-1893

7th Amanda Jewell  c1809-

6th Sarah Laboyteaux  1772-

6th Mary Laboyteaux  c1780-

5th Paul Laboyteaux  c1733-

Children of Paul Laboyteaux & Elizabeth Daily

6th Jemima Laboyteaux  1766-

Children of Jemima Laboyteaux & John Van Nordstrand

7th Lena Van Nordstrand   c1796-

7th Aaron Van Nordstrand   c1798-

6th Mary Laboyteaux  1769-

6th Elizabth Laboyteaux  1772-

5th Marie Laboyteaux  c1735-

5th John Laboyteaux  c1738-1780

Children of John Laboyteaux & Hannah Smith

6th John Laboyteaux  1764-1794

6th Samuel Smith Laboyteaux  1766-

6th Peter Laboyteaux  1767-

6th Gabriel Laboyteaux  1768-

6th Gabriel Laboyteaux  1770-

6th Daniel Laboyteaux  1772-

6th Hannah Laboyteaux  1773-

6th George W. Laboyteaux  c1775-

6th William Laboyteaux  c1777-

6th John Laboyteaux  c1779-

6th George Laboyteaux  c1779-

4th Jantien LeBoyteulx  1704-

4th Benjamin LeBoyteulx  c1709-

4th Catherine LeBoyteulx  c1712-

Children of Catherine LeBoyteulx & John Bodine

5th Marie Bodine   c1732-

5th Angenietie Bodine   c1734-

5th Peter Bodine   c1736-

5th Gabriel Bodine   c1737-

5th Catherine Bodine   c1739-

5th John Bodine   c1742-

4th Marie LeBoyteulx  c1715-

Children of Marie LeBoyteulx & Fobes Briggs

5th unknown Briggs  


Sources and Additional Reference Material

Appendix I: Friends, Neighbors & Associates  

Appendix II: Maps & Gazzeteers  

Appendix III: Spreadsheets  

Appendix IV: Sources Needed  

Appendix V: Reference Sources  for the Book of Laboyteaux

Appendix VI: Laboyteaux Documents